Three Reasons to Share Bedtime Stories

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1.  Bedtime stories expand children's emotional understanding

Reading is not often immediately thought of as an instrumental tool in discussions about emotional health, but any avid reader will tell you of the times they cried or laughed at a good piece of writing.

Bedtime reading with your child can help them to approach difficult topics in a safe environment where they can explore powerful emotions through the medium of fiction. It can be used as a means to approach and overcome big milestones that can trigger emotional changes in your child. It can also teach them an integral lesson in empathy. Sharing these experiences together can foster a stronger connection between parent and child.

2. Bedtime stories open doors to other worlds

Perhaps most obvious of all the reasons why to read to your child, the effect reading has on an individual's imagination is unparalleled.

Reading to your child can take you on fantastic journeys. Together you can clamber through jungles, scale mountains or swim to hidden depths, without even having to step through your front door.

Perhaps most importantly, reading to your child is the perfect opportunity to spend time together; if you read to them before bed, it's almost a guarantee that they'll have sweet dreams.

3. Bedtime stories improve communication skills

It furthers basic speech and reading skills, but it has been shown to promote better communication skills which are essential at any stage in your child's life, especially when making friends.

Through continuing with a story on a daily basis, bedtime reading with your child can have a fantastic effect on enhancing your child's attention span. In this way, they can concentrate for longer, bettering their education overall. Following a story can also improve their use of logic, as they think of ways in which their favourite characters can overcome the obstacles that are facing them.

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