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Article 24: Every child has the right to the best possible health; schools must provide education on health and well-being

The Acorns Primary and Nursery School are on a journey to become a Healthy School!

We are a healthy school at The Acorns Primary and Nursery School. Our goal is to educate, encourage, promote and celebrate healthy eating and active living. The importance of healthy eating will be highlighted to parents and pupils and promoted at every available opportunity. Teaching of health and well-being is intertwined within our curriculum but is explicitly taught at certain points in the year as well.

A healthy school does everything within its power to ensure its pupils are in good physical and mental condition: in good health.

Pupil health and well-being is at the forefront of everything we do as a school. Research into Maslow’s hierarchy of need tells us that our physiological needs (including sleep, food, water) are the bedrock of positive human life and the motivation to succeed. To ensure that pupils who have not had these needs met are fully supported, these needs are met in various ways within school.

A big part of the new Healthy School Policy is around what our pupils eat as snack and what they drink throughout the day. We will now expect all our pupils (Y1-6) to eat a healthy snack and bring a reusable drinks bottle to school containing only water. To help pupils and parents with this change, the following will happen.

What school staff will do:

  • Help pupils to understand what a healthy snack and drink are by holding a whole school assembly
  • Ensure regular opportunities for water breaks throughout the day
  • Praise pupils who bring in healthy snacks – to keep all our pupils safe, please do not send in snacks containing nuts
  • Sensitively support pupils who bring in unhealthy snacks
  • Support parents with any questions or queries they might have
  • Eat healthy snacks ourselves!

What we are asking parents to do:

  • Send in your child with a reusable water bottle, filled only with water
  • Only send healthy snacks for your child to eat
  • Provide feedback to school about what works well and what you think needs improving

What we are asking pupils to do:

  • Remember your water bottle every day! If you do forget it, tell your teacher and they will help ?
  • Be positive about eating healthy snack and try your best to do it every day
  • Try new foods and recommend them to your friends




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