As stated in the Education Endowment Foundations guidance report, evidence suggests the use of ‘metacognitive strategies’ – which get pupils to think about their own learning – can be worth the equivalent of an additional +7 months progress when used well.


Through our Characteristics of Effective Learning, we support our pupils to understand the strategies they have, to learn most effectively, as well as helping them to understand their strengths and areas for development.



Our Superhero Learners (EYFS – KS1) and Characteristics of Effective Learning (KS2) are visible in all classrooms and are frequently referenced by pupils and staff. Pupils are celebrating for showing these characteristics weekly and, in EYFS & KS1, pupils are awarded Superhero capes for demonstrating these skills. Pupils are awarded Student of the Week certificates, which often state which CoEL they have demonstrated that week.

This approach helps pupils to identify what makes a good learner and start to understand which characteristics come easy to them and which they need to work harder to demonstrate.

We are continuing our work this year on supporting pupils to develop successful strategies in becoming effective learners. We are also continuing our work on communicating with parents what it is about their child that makes them an effective learner.



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