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This page is dedicated to supporting learning at home.

The Government has published a list of recommended websites.

Through all of our digital learning platforms, we strive to teach the same curriculum remotely as we do in school.


Throughout the week, we send out work through Seesaw, an online digital learning platform, which allows pupils to access daily learning tasks and have regular dialogue with class teachers, who are online throughout the school day.

Each pupil will receive their own unique Seesaw code, which allows them access to their class’s dashboard. Here, they will find a range of activities, teacher videos, challenges and links to other online learning each school day.

Teachers will respond daily to all learning activities that are completed via Seesaw.

There is also an option to upload images of other work that has been completed, for example: a piece of written work completed on paper.

Times Tables Rock Stars (TTRS):

Each pupil already has their own TTRS log-in, which they use regularly in school. Pupils can continue this at home by downloading the TTRS app or visiting

Here, they can continue to improve their speed and accuracy of recalling times tables, in the most exciting and motivating way possible.

Accelerated Reader:

Pupils can use their existing Accelerated Reader log-in details to access Accelerated Reader at home.

Purple Mash:

Class teachers will set specific work for pupils weekly through Purple Mash to help develop important computing skills.  Purple Mash may also be used to provide learning activities for other school subjects, such as Science and Humanities.

SATs Companion & Revision Guides:

To help support our Year 6 pupils to gain the required knowledge before they transition to Secondary Education, they also have access to SATs Companion - - an online learning platform dedicated to providing a vast range of quality learning activities for Year 6 pupils. In addition to this, we have sent all Year 6 pupils paper revision booklets. We believe that this will not only support our Year 6 children to learn what is required by the end of their Primary Education, but also help them to adopt good learning habits before they move to High School.

The Acorns Primary and Nursery School Website:

Our school website has all the links to the online learning platforms mentioned above, plus many links to other learning resources, such as the BBC, Oak Academy and Phonics Play, to name just a few.

Our website also has links to our ‘Bedtime Stories’ which has proven to be a real highlight for our pupils and now includes more chapter books for our elder pupils to enjoy.


We use Twitter to celebrate the wonderful online learning from our #miniAcorns. Please feel free to visit and Tweet something from your child!

Expectations of Home Learning:

It is extremely important that children complete all daily activities, not just the ones they prefer. The expectation for home learning is as follows:

Children in KS2 are expected to complete 4 hours of work daily. We believe that this time can be easily achieved by separating the time into the following chunks:

20 minutes Times Tables Rock Stars

30 minutes Reading & quiz time (Accelerated Reader & MyON)

20 minute reading activity (Seesaw)

30 minutes SPAG/Phonics (Seesaw)

40 minutes Maths (Seesaw or other link)

40 minutes Writing (Seesaw or other link)

1 hour wider curriculum, including PE (Seesaw or other link)


Our KS1 children are expected to complete 3 hours of work daily. Again, we believe the following chunks of time would work well:

30 minutes Maths activities (Seesaw)

20 minutes Phonics activities (Seesaw)

30 minutes English activities (Seesaw)

55 minutes wider curriculum (Seesaw - made up of 3x big question work, 1x Science, 2x PE, 1x Music weekly)

10 minutes Story time (Seesaw - contains optional follow up task)


Our Reception children also have access to Seesaw and will be set a range of daily tasks.

To support our very youngest children in Butterflies class, work packs (including specific learning resources) have been delivered to all our families. There are also lots of videos shared regularly on Twitter and the school’s website to support learning at home.


We understand that the task of home learning can be worrying. We do not want any parent or carer to feel alone in this challenge. Therefore, to support all our Acorns families to succeed in their home learning journey, staff are available throughout the school day. The best way to contact your child’s class teacher is through Seesaw. If you need additional support to access home learning, or are having other difficulties you would like help with, please feel free to call the school office to speak to a member of the Senior Management Team, or email Mr Painter -  

Support for our SEND pupils:

To support our children with SEND, our SENCO is available every school day to provide specific advice and guidance. In addition to the online learning platforms mentioned above, we provide ‘Beat Dyslexia’ home learning resources and other bespoke learning resources to support home learning. All children who require it also have access to their usual online International Dyslexia Learning (IDL) learning resources.

Digital Devices:

To support our families who do not own a suitable electronic device for home learning, we have been providing them with digital devices, which were sent to schools by the Department for Education. If you feel you require a digital device to support your child to access online learning, please contact Mr Painter.

Tracking Online Learning:

The online learning that is taking place across the school is tracked daily. Reminders will be sent via Seesaw and text if children are not accessing online learning and telephone conversations will occur when needed. If pupils are persistently disengaged with online learning, a specific plan will be put in place to support this.

Online Learning for those Self-Isolating:

If a pupil is required to self-isolate but would usually be in school receiving an education during a local or national lockdown, they will be able to access all online learning platforms from the day they are required to isolate. The same support systems will be in place for these children as is for those who are in full time home learning. In addition to this, digital devices can be delivered to these pupils on the day their isolation begins.

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