Science Links


Click on the pictures to take you to some interesting science websites - or scroll down for Dr Isaure's Science Experiment of the Week!


Keep up to date on what's happening on Mars, direct from Perserverence Rover!

Find out about all our most

interesting scientists

by clicking on Einstein's picture

There's so much to discover

about the world and beyond 

on the Kids Discover website ~

Click on the hand to go there now!

Fun science and technology games!

Click on the logo to find out more.

Click on the logo and it will take you to

NASA Kids' Club ~

a place to play games and learn about NASA!

How does the world work?

Click the Brain Pop logo and go find out!

Discover answers to your questions

about the world by clicking on the

National Geographic logo

Explore the natural world with  

free apps from The Natural Science Museum

Find out all you want to know about how the

human body works with this interactive 

and informative website.

The STEM site is geared up with lots of new

resources for home learning - try them and see!

There's so much to see and do at the Science

Museum - why not pay them a visit by clicking on

the link!

Discovery Mindblown? Well, that says it all - enjoy

and be amazed at what you can find out!

You can find out how just about anything works

on this site, from animals to spaceships - click and







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