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The Acorns Primary & Nursery School

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Welcome to The Acorns Primary & Nursery School, a large and vibrant school in Ellesmere Port and part of The Rowan Learning Trust. 

Our school is proud to support our pupils to ‘be the best you can be’, by providing a stimulating, and progressive curriculum. We believe that by both supporting and challenging our pupils in a nurturing environment we ensure that they develop into confident and independent learners, with the highest expectations of themselves and others. The values of tolerance, liberty, democracy and a respect for others and the rule of law are embedded in all that teach, and the way in which we run our school. As a Unicef Silver Award Rights Respecting School, we firmly believe that we have a duty to support our pupils to become well-rounded, proactive global citizens. 

We value, respect and celebrate all achievements, both within and outside of school and encourage parents, families and the community to join us in doing so. We work hard to ensure that our pupils experience a range of enrichment activities to engage and inspire them, creating memories for life and a thirst for adventure. 

From a wonderful start in our Nursery, our 2 year old children settle quickly into our community and are nurtured as individuals, swiftly building positive relationships with both the staff and their peers. This continues for the 9 years they are with us. 

We believe community is at the heart of the work we do and have close relationships with many agencies, ensuring that our families have their holistic needs met. 

I welcome you to come and tour the school; meet our pupils who make me proud every day, meet our dedicated and passionate staffing team, view our fabulous environment, and experience the safe, happy and vibrant atmosphere we provide.



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The Acorns Primary and Nursery School

Pooltown Road
Ellesmere Port
CH65 7ED

Main Contact: Mrs H. Broom, Executive Head Teacher

Tel: 0151 355 1546

SEN Contact: Mrs K Bentley

SEN Email:


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