Fine Motor Activities

Fine Motor Activities

Turn your fingers into funky fingers!


Whilst at home with your little ones, try having a go at some of the following ‘Funky Finger’ activities.  The children love completing these in school.  As you will see, lots of fun can be had with everyday household materials.

These activities are how we ensure that our children’s fingers have the strength and dexterity needed for lots of super writing - and that all-important crocodile grip…snap…snap…snap.

Here are some of our favourites:

Draw lines and spirals onto a piece of paper then use anything you can find; dried beans, marbles, small Lego pieces etc. to arrange carefully onto the line using a pincer (crocodile) grip.

Hair bobbles or elastic bands and a cup.  Model to your little ones how to safely stretch the bobble and place it over the cup.  Have a competition and see who can add the most in the space of 2 minutes.  Ready.  Steady.  Go….




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