Speech & Language 2020 - 2021

Mrs Mclaren

Below, you will find some useful games for getting your child to speak clearly; click on the picture links and enjoy the games or download one of our sound packs!

There are some excellent resources and ideas to try on this site if your child has trouble articulating sounds or forming correct sentences
Another website full of helpful advice and resources for families needing speech and language help at home

Syllable Counting

A useful game to play for promoting clear speech, syllable counting also helps with spelling.

Help your child by sounding each syllable clearly and distinctly, encouraging them to follow your modelling.

In this game, you must match the words that rhyme.

Begin by choosing 3 words, 2 of which rhyme.

Point them out and say them clearly.

Encourage your child to choose the 2 words that sound the same.

This activity promotes good listening and hearing sounds.

Like the word matching activity above, this game relies on the child hearing the words that rhyme, but this time they must remember where on the board they heard the matching word, so making up rhyming pairs.

Say the word on the card and try to guess the word on the back of the card that rhymes with it.

When you think you have the answer, tap the card and the rhyme on the reverse will be revealed.

Working Memory

Clicking the speech bubble will take you to some useful information about difficulties with working memory and what you can do to help your child.



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